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These days it’s very easy to find an overseas supplier to produce your goods. But a poor choice will create serious problems for your business. From quality defects, to missed delivery deadlines – or even your investment going down the drain if the goods are not in a sale-able condition or fail to show up at all.

Unfortunately it’s very easy for unscrupulous people to pose as legitimate businesses and rip off unsuspecting (and overly trusting) customers by accepting orders they cannot – or never intended – to fulfill. Equally, suppliers that prove to be valid factories may lack the capability or certification required to produce goods to your desired specifications.

If you’re at the early or long list stage of supplier selection, take advantage of our Business Verification Report to check out whether or not they are in fact a real business. This verification report will tell you whether the supplier’s company is actually registered. It will also detail the company’s registered address, whether its registration is current or expired, and the company’s official name. Equipped with this information, you can quickly rule out any business that seems dubious and decide on further actions. By doing so you avoid the risk of heading down the wrong path. If you have already selected your supplier, it is worthwhile making a more comprehensive Factory Verification, which you can order here.

If you would like to know more, you can also download our free report on 8 common problems, by clicking here.

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