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Importing goods from China can be a highly profitable move – provided you choose the right supplier.

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When you are buying wholesale from China, the risk in your supply chain increases dramatically. Distance – as well as significant differences in the cultural, legal and commercial environment – can make it challenging to know whether or not the supplier you are considering will reliably deliver on your important order. And if they don’t, what will the cost be to you? A deposit down the drain? Reduced cashflow through lost sales? Penalties imposed by your customer for failing to meet delivery deadlines? And what about the headaches involved in trying to sort out a mess long distance?

That’s why it’s truly worth the effort to make sure you choose your supplier well in the first place.

But faced with a massive number of Chinese suppliers from which to choose, how do you know where to start? A good place is our free checklist. It sets out 16 key points you should check prior to engaging a supplier when importing goods from China.

By checking each element, you will gain confidence that your potential Chinese supplier is a legitimate business that has the correct credentials to work with you. Because if you stop and think about it, it’s quite common to run a credit check on a local customer to give you the peace of mind that they are likely to be reasonable to deal with. So it should be the same for the businesses overseas you are entrusting your order to.

Our ‘New Supplier On-Boarding Checklist’ gives you a powerful framework that allows you to conduct a ‘due diligence’ for your prospective Chinese suppliers.

By checking your supplier against each of the 16 points it contains, it’s easier to rule out any that fail the checks or where the information supplied doesn’t quite add up. This can save you the stress, time and expense that come with dealing with a dodgy supplier.

At the same time, it will also make it more likely you will choose well, so that your experience of manufacturing in China is a highly positive one.

Reduce your China supply chain risk by downloading your free ‘New Supplier On-Boarding Checklist’ today and import from China with greater confidence and success.

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