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Carsten Primdal

Founder & MD of Vantage

Carsten Primdal – Founder Vantage Compliance

Carsten Primdal is a China Expert, Supply Chain Risk Specialist, CSR & Sustainability Advisor and a Published Author – and founder of Vantage Compliance & Mitigation.

He has extensive experience in assisting businesses from Europe, USA, Japan, Australia and elsewhere in risk mitigation and compliance regarding their overseas manufacturing and sourcing.

Working with major brands and living and working in China and Australia, Carsten’s clients benefit from his professional and personal ties with China and Asia. He freely shares his perspective & understanding of the challenges faced by them in regular blog posts, posted on Huffington Post (US Edition), LinkedIn, this website and other prominent websites.

During approximately 2 decades, while Carsten has been working in Asia in corporate compliance and supply chain risk mitigation services, he has delivered large and small projects for clients such as ALDI, LIDL and Lindt, securing their Supply Chain in China and Asia and mitigated their risks. Always within budget and while achieving the defined targets.

Industries which have benefitted from Carsten’s experience and expertise are Automotive, FMCG, Hard goods, Soft line, Shipping, Shoes and Electronics. Projects have been delivered from Japan in North East Asia, over China/Hong Kong S.A.R., to Cambodia, Thailand and Malaysia in South East Asia and further on to Bangladesh and India in the South Asia – to name a few.

Carsten is driven by a strong and innate desire to see suppliers meet their promises to businesses to ensure that his clients get what they pay for.

This is achieved by enabling greater transparency of client supply chains, understanding who the vendor really is, and communicating this to the client, while helping to build crucial relationships, understanding the culture and ensuring that communications is not “lost in translation”.

Carsten enjoy helping his clients remove the frustrations of dealing with overseas suppliers and successfully reduce the risk of adverse outcomes when dealing with Chinese suppliers and overseas manufacturers.

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