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China & Asia Advisory

Drawing on 14+ years based across Asia, including 5 years in China, Vantage helps your business to effectively and efficiently navigate the risks arising in offshore manufacturing in China and Asia.

Strategy Definition and Custom Advice

Explore and map your supply chain risks for prospective and current offshore suppliers, from certification checks to factory verification and on-site research – customised to your business’s needs. Prioritise your efforts and define an effective supply chain risk mitigation strategy.

Training and Workshops

To ensure your requirements are met, we offer on-site supplier training in manufacturing compliance, quality standards, social and environmental responsibility and performance development – and we have trained 1500+ Asian business owners to date. These include workshops on CSR in China and environmental compliance in China.

We can also deliver training to purchasing departments so your business can understand how standards are likely to be applied, enabling you to improve internal processes. Further, we can make suggestions regarding how to effectively pre-screen your suppliers using our standard audit tools.

Cultural Training

Ensure your offshore manufacturing relationship starts on the right footing with the help of our cultural training. It will help you and your team develop cultural awareness of locally accepted business practice and communication norms, helping you to enjoy successful partnerships with Chinese and Asian businesses.

Corporate Social Responsibility Advisory

We can help your organisation develop a robust CSR strategy and a customised Code of Conduct, as well as help you implement it. You’ll gain realistic expectations of CSR practices of your prospective or current overseas suppliers, and we can assist in devising and implementing a risk mitigation strategy. To help ensure your manufacturers comply with your Code of Conduct, we offer training, audits, stakeholder engagement as well as comprehensive on-site improvement programs.

Environmental Advisory

Understand the environmental risks of manufacturing in China or other offshore locations, and develop and execute a suitable environmental risk mitigation strategy.

Product Market Compliance

Our advisory services can help ensure your products that are manufactured overseas comply with required standards in local and relevant overseas markets.

Quality Advisory

Develop and implement an effective quality management program for offshore manufacturing to minimise the risk of costly quality fade, product rejects and product recalls.

Performance Consulting

As a China business advisory firm, we can improve the performance capability of your supplier through on-site training in effective operations.

Contact us for expert advice in all aspects of dealing with Chinese suppliers and supply chain risk mitigation throughout China and Asia.

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