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These days it’s very easy to find an overseas supplier to produce your goods. But a poor choice will create serious problems for your business. From quality defects, to missed delivery deadlines – or even your investment going down the drain if the goods are not in a sale-able condition or fail to show up at all.

Unfortunately it’s very easy for unscrupulous people to pose as legitimate businesses and rip off unsuspecting (and overly trusting) customers by accepting orders they cannot – or never intended – to fulfill.

Equally, suppliers that prove to be valid factories may lack the capability or certification required to produce goods to your desired specifications.

If you have already used our business verification to verify that the long listed suppliers are genuine and registered, its time to do a more comprehensive check of your shortlisted suppliers.

To do so choose our Factory Verification Report. In addition to all the checks supplied as part of our Business Verification Report, we also look into what kind of business the supplier is licensed to carry out. We report on when their license will expire, when their company was established and what type of business it is registered under.

In regards to any standards the supplier says it is certified to, we also verify that the issuer of the certificate is accredited and credible. We check that the certificate number is valid and has been issued to the supplier you are considering. Further, we conduct a name check to verify that the certificate is issued to the supplier that presented it, and we verify what type of standard it certifies the company for. Finally, the Factory Verification Report checks whether the supplier has Foreign Trade registration to enable them to legally sell to overseas buyers. Verifying your potential supplier against this series of checks will help you avoid inadvertently trusting your order to an unreliable supplier. This allow you greater certainty when ordering from offshore manufacturers.

If you would like to know more, you can also download our free report on 8 common problems, by clicking here.

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Online Factory Verification – US $399

We will verify (in addition to what is verified in a Business Verification) :

  • Business Scope
  • License Expiry Date
  • Established Date
  • Business Type
  • Certificate Issuer/Certification Body
  • Certificate number
  • Standard certified
  • Certificate scope
  • Foreign Trade Registration

Factory Verification

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