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Selling to China and the Chinese can seem daunting – until you get the right people on your side.We help companies understand the complexities of the market, we assist in formulating and implementing a sustainable strategy, which will deliver results, along with auxiliary services such as language and translation, in-country support by qualified and native people, and we help you set up meeting schedules when you travel to China, so you can maximize the ROI on your travel expenses.

Further to this, we assist you in uncovering and remediating legal and compliance issues, so that you don’t have to contend with them after lots of resources has been spent developing this lucrative market.

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China is a huge country with many regions and each region is different to the next. So how do you know where to start?               When researching for you, we will assist you in identifying the opportunities and mitigate the risks.

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In a highly complex and diverse market, with countless go-to-market options, careful planning and a well thought out strategy is the only path to success. We custom make your unique go-to-market strategy suited to your circumstances and needs.

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Having the right channel strategy is fundamental in any new market penetration or as a prerequisite for growth. We help you set up the best suited distribution and partner channels, to optimise your business presence in China.

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If you are serious about your plans for China, setting up your own entity is a must. We help you getting the formalities in place, so that nitty gritty details don’t take focus away from what’s important – selling and developing your new market.

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To ensure that the subtleties of written materials and negotiations come accurately across our team of native speakers always review any text before it being approved for external circulation.

If you need a translator to accompany you on a trip or at an important meeting, we can also draw on our pool of expert translators and interpreters.

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If you don’t want to hire your own team initially, we can help you with your staffing requirements. Our team of experts and admin staff are available to carry out sales efforts as well as handling admin issues, market research and ensuring that you maintain legally compliant.

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Ensuring that your offering is legal and compliant in China is of utmost importance. Simply assuming that because your product or service is compliant in your home market can be a costly assumption. We help you assess and navigate the minefield that is legal and compliance, ensuring that you do not encounter unforeseen problems.

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Preparing for a trip to China is hard work. To ensure that you are not wasting any efforts while there, we help you pre-qualify meetings and create a realistic meeting schedule.Returning home with real leads and new partners can only be achieved with preparatory assistance. We help you ensure maximum return on your business trip expenditure.

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Getting to know and understand a new market can only be achieved through long term involvement. Our trade missions introduce you to China, in a group. We provide you with that first “toe-in-the-water” experience, taking care of arranging the initial trip for you, including meetings, accommodation, transport etc. Contrary to other companies operating in this space, we take you to the real China, rather than simply staying most of the time in plush hotels in HK.

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