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Sourcing pose its own set of issues, which needs careful handling to avoid stressful problems.We help you take the headache out of dealing with companies thousands of kilometres away, across time zones, speaking and using English differently and with entirely different cultural norms.

With our help, you are free to focus on what matters – getting on with expanding and running your business.Because we are experts at what we do, we can often get things done cheaper and more efficiently than if you would have to hire, train and retain your own staff to perform these activities.

We cover the following areas, when assisting you in your sourcing needs.


There are thousands of potential factories to choose from for manufacturing your product, so how do you go about choosing the right one?We research the market, help you figure out who has the capabilities needed, and who is simply pretending. We identify the opportunities and mitigate the risks, so that you can move forward faster and with increased certainty.

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Before placing an order with a new factory or for a new product, it is advisable to obtain samples. Samples are used for go/no-go decisions, if/when acceptable product quality levels are achieved by the manufacturer. Samples also serve as a reference point for your Quality Control efforts during the manufacturing process.

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Being there to see with your own eyes is always the best, but when you have higher priority issues to work on, who do you turn to, to be your eyes and ears in the factory? Our team of local staff and freelancers is perfectly placed to assist you with factory checks, Quality Control and pre-shipment checks. Using external experts, allow you to focus on what you are good at, and you don’t have to prioritise your efforts.

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Exporting from China and importing to your own country require compliant paperwork. Our team of experts ensure that your paper works are 100% compliant. This will allow for a faster export/import clearance, shorten the working capital tied up in stock and help you enjoy stress free sourcing of your product, at competitive prices.

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If you are serious about your sourcing from China, setting up your own entity is often beneficial. By having a physical presence in China, you reduce reliance on agents, and get a better feel for what’s on offer. We help you getting the formalities in place, so that nitty gritty details don’t take focus away from expanding and running your business. We can even help you with temporary and long term staffing.

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To ensure that the subtleties of written materials and negotiations come across accurately our team of native speakers always review any text before it being circulated.If you need a translator to accompany you on a trip or at an important meeting, we can also draw on our pool of expert translators and interpreters.


If you don’t want to hire your own team initially, we can help you with temporary staff. Our team of experts and admin staff are available to carry out sales efforts as well as handling admin issues, and if you need someone full time, we can help arrange that too, all in all ensuring that you maintain legally compliant when hiring the team that works for you.

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Ensuring that what you source is compliant with your requirements is important to manage your risk exposure.As a bare minimum you need your product to be quality assured, but there is an increasing focus on Social and Environmental Compliance in sourcing as well.We help you assess, navigate and mitigate the minefield that is legal and compliance, ensuring that you do not encounter unforeseen problems.

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Preparing for a trip to China is hard work. To ensure that you are not wasting any efforts while there, we help you pre-qualify meetings and create a realistic schedule.

Returning home with new  potential suppliers and partners can only be achieved with preparatory assistance. We help you ensure maximum return on your business trip expenditure.

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